Sick Move Rhonda

by Hissy Fit

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recorded & mixed spring of 2015 by Justin Easterbrook


released October 26, 2015

Hissy Fit is:

Melanie - bass
MK - drums
Hanna - guitar



all rights reserved


Hissy Fit Kitchener, Ontario

~we are hissy fit~

Hanna (guitar)
Melanie (bass)
MK (drums)


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Track Name: Stick-and-Poke Party
Stick and poke party
we don't care
I'm gunna cut off
all my hair

stick and poke party
ooh hoo ooh
I'm so fucking
over you hoo hoo hoo

I'm wearing that pair
of shorts you hate
because I love the way
they make my fat hang

Stick and poke party
ooh hoo hoo
I'm so glad I never
shaved for you

stick and poke party
I'm changing my body
making it new
like it never fucking touched you

I wish I never fucking touched you

I should have never fucking touched you
Track Name: Lorem Ipsum
In the basement we'll collage
Until our hands are full of paper cuts
National geographics
From the 1970's
Every month we'll write a letter
"Yes, hello, dear reader"
Let's haunt the bookstore after hours
We'll drink and dance and ride our bikes in packs

When the seasons change
We'll find ourselves between
Stacks of novels
Making magazines

Now and then I think of you

Existential, ephemeral
Thoughts collect inside my head
Goodbye Boston, goodbye home
But there's not much to leave behind
It's a shame we fell apart
Just like paper cut-outs
Now and then I think of you
But what was I supposed to do?

December, December

When the seasons change
We'll find ourselves between
Stacks of novels
Making magazines

Now and then I think of you
The seasons change so fast
Track Name: Winter Blooms
Winter left terrain so stiff
I dig into my fingertips
I sow my seeds into the wounds
Why haven't they bloomed?

the morning that you left
i woke up with a nosebleed
the radiator growled and
the streets were full of snow

looking out toward the highway
i heard the dawn expand
creeping fingers 'round the curtian
blocking out the morning glow

the motel where we lived
was overgrown with lichen
the floors a shifting plane
of slate and wild thyme

i felt your presence flee
felt your hands release my shoulders
as the morning stayed its course
along the highway centre line

the snow continued falling
increasing with the dawn
and inside our rented forest
i washed my face alone

i gathered on our bed
the remainder of your clothing
i set fire to your exhaustion
and i packed my car for home
Track Name: Adulthood aka Sadness Forever
I'll be everybody's friend
Fake a smile to pay the rent
Till my smiles are all spent
Another day left another dent

Another night spent at home
Spooning my cat alone
Why am I so tired all the time?
Is this just what adulthood is like?

Barely left my bed today
How is it already so late?

Anxiety can make this house a prison
Pinning me underneath the weight
Of all the lives that I'm not living
Is this just what adulthood is like?
Track Name: Gross Crush
You know I tried to dye my pubes
Your favourite shade of blue
It kind of just looked weird
And I was too embarrassed to show you

There are so many different ways to rebel these days
But when I kiss your face I feel the revolution in you, babe

You lit a fire in my cheeks and
Now I'm blushing
You shook an earthquake in my knees
Now I'm stumbling
You filled my head with honeybees
My mind is buzzing
When I am around you I get so giddy it's disgusting

When you gave me a ride on your handlebars
The roads were icy, we were recklessly dodging cars
Your face pressed against mine
My blood was pumping so fast
You excite a part of me I never knew I had
Track Name: We Feast on the Blood of Our Enemies (But in a Sexy Way)
Hey, where's the beer store? Hey, where's the war?
You look so good in your camo shorts

I see you on the street, I see you on the train
Wearing gym clothes, what's your name?

Mesh shorts, leg hair driving me crazy
You're yuppie jock scum but your look still slays me

I see you in the city
Coming from the gym, coming from the court
You sit down across from me on the subway
You're wearing those mesh shorts
Don't gaze me bro, I'll gaze you back
I'll gaze you back with my feminist gaze
My feminist gaze got this bro fazed
Just shut up and let me watch you

Deconstruct my desire
Deconstruct your attire